Alia Khan; How a Recovering Lawyer becomes a studio owner

Interview with Alia

Alia Khan and I conducted this interview at Wanderlust in Snowshoe, WV. She is a yoga teacher and owns a yoga studio in Washington D.C. She found herself in the business of yoga after becoming dissatisfied with her job as an attorney. The motivation came from understanding the difference between being comfortable and being happy. Alia talks about the removal of the religion from yoga without taking away the spirituality, and why, as a Muslim/Indian/American that is so important to her. She offers some ideas why yoga is different than a regular workout and explains why she instructs in a very detailed and exacting manner. While the opportunity to open a yoga studio presented itself without seeking it, Alia talks about the planning and challenges of that process. The importance of being paid for what you are worth. She addresses the work ethic required for the owner of a studio, her rituals and also the importance of taking time away. Alia gets a little vulnerable and opens up about her pre-bedtime ritual.

As Alia puts it, she teaches real yoga for real people and is on a mission to bring yoga to people who think that it isn’t for them. If you enjoyed hearing Alia’s story, there are lots of ways that you can connect with her. First and foremost, she runs a yoga studio in Washington D.C. called East Side Yoga.  Her various social media are listed below including her spotify accout so that you can listen to her playlists. She has recently started a blog which is also below. And, she is running an alignment-focused 200HR Yoga Teacher Training this fall at her studio, so be sure to reach out to her if that is of interest to you.



Spotify – alia0628

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