Interview with 13 Hands (aka Dalien)

13 Hands aka Dalien

Grammy nominated musician, yoga professor and a fun guy to talk with

Interview with Dalien

This episode contains the occasional profanity.

The conversation is split into two episodes. The second part will be posted soon.

Dalien is the yang of this man; the business man and the hustler. 13 Hands is the yin; the yoga teacher and the musician.

Found yoga when he was fighting a series of diseases, taking care of sick grandparents and trying to work a handful of jobs. ESPN brought him yoga from 6-9AM and he followed it religiously.

Dalien talks about some of the challenges throughout his life that shaped him; dealing with the trauma of a head injury as a child, losing his father at 15 and losing nearly all of his possessions 2 years ago.

Have a plan, but be sure that you are flexible enough to adapt to what opportunity comes your way.

Find the balance in the yoga – relationship between the root and the spirit.

Make sure that every dollar you earn is an honorable dollar.

His yoga class: conversational with laughter and anatomical details. Each class is specific to the students that show up so there is no plan before the class begins. Each class ends with music.

Dalien gives us a Business 101 course on getting into yoga, from an artist’s perspective.

To learn more about Dalien and links to some of the information he mentioned in our conversation:



Ted Talk YouTube: Music for healing, from a “calm type-A” personality

USA Shaolin Temple in NYC

Hippocrates Health Institute

Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram (therapeutic yoga education)

Thank you, Zo Leroux for the introduction. Zo is a traveling teacher based loosely in Quebec, Canada.

And, of course, we appreciate 13 Hands for the conversation as well as providing the musical open and close to the episode.

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  1. can’t believe this guy is still falsely calling himself a “grammy nominee.” this is an insult to everyone who actually earned a grammy nomination. Some spiritual master he is.

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