Conversation with Leah Emmott, Founder and Owner of Inner Fire Clothing

Leah Emmott at her Wanderlust Booth
Interview with Leah Emmot

Leah Emmott

Owner and originator of Inner Fire Brand Clothing

“I left a 40 per week job to become an entrepreneur with an 80 hour per week job.”

Her yoga journey began with Bikram and after an injury, she transitioned into an exploration of other styles. She discovered Moksha Yoga and became enamored with their commitment to the yoga off of the mat as well as what happens in the asana practice. It did not take long for Leah to realize that she wanted to become a yoga teacher.

Leah had been a yoga teacher for about 6 months, and suffered a serious medical emergency. She took time off to rest and recover. During her convalescence she began to create and sell small products to hear friends through Facebook. The inspiration to do so came out of the blue; while driving, she quickly pulled over to write down a few slogans that suddenly occurred to her. Leah’s business began small and grew organically. When she finally committed to the  business full-time, she found herself with more free time because she was no longer trying to juggle multiple commitments.

Leah Emmott & Brian Macrae Davis

In the beginning, Leah sold shirts with slogans and while she continues to do so, her brand has evolved to add leggings and athletic tops with creative designs. Many designs are inspired by traditional patterns from Africa and other indigenous cultures. Leah designs what she wants to wear and designs with the intention that it should last longer than one season. She still handles many of the tasks within the company herself. In fact, you can often find her working the booth at each of the 6 Wanderlust Festivals.

Leah very graciously has offered a 15% coupon to any listener of Chats From The Mat. It is valid on anything on the website until April 30, 2018. The coupon code is MATCHAT. In April, Inner Fire is releasing a new collection called Elevate Spring 18. You will find a few sneak peaks at the bottom of the page.

During the conversation, Leah mentioned her Entrepreneurship Accelerator progrm, EO; Entrepreneur’s Organization

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There is some background noise during the conversation because we recorded our conversation in a common room in the hotel at the Wanderlust Festival in Mont Tremblant.

I would like to thank, for providing the introduction to this episode, another Canadian by the name of Tony Vendrasco.

Elevate Spring 18 Collection
Elevate Spring 18 Collection

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