Jean-Jacques Gabriel – Artist, Social Activist and Yoga teacher of color

Jean-Jacques Gabriel

Artist, Social Activist and Teacher of Color

Warning: this interview contains occasional profanity.

Jean-Jacques Gabriel & Brian Macrae Davis

Jean-Jacques Gabriel is a yoga practitioner of color, an artist and a teacher of many disciplines. He was born in Haiti, grew up in the suburbs of DC and move to Philadelphia in order to go to art school which is where he now resides. He has painted murals in Germany, portraits in London, toured Egypt and visited Uganda. His first yoga experience was a university class and he had a life-changing savasana that set Jean-Jacques on a new path. He began using the practices learned in yoga to help children at a women’s shelter and inmates in the prison system. One day, he was asked to teach a yoga class. Without any yoga teaching experience, he did so.

Jean-Jacques talks about being a ‘black dude with tattoos’ in a predominantly white practice, about finding the ritual in all practices and using rituals to guide any practice, and also addressing the uncomfortable aspects of life instead of ignoring them.

I hope that you enjoy the second episode of the podcast, Chats from the Mat, yoga inspired conversations with me, Brian Macrae Davis.

How to find Jean-Jacques Gabriel

Join Jean-Jacques at the upcoming Black Yoga Teacher’s Conference (not just for teachers) – Black Yoga Teacher’s Conference

If you are interested in getting more information about Jean-Jacques Gabriel, his teaching schedule, instructional videos and more, you can learn more at:


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